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Ameer Ali :

"The anti-terrorism laws are going to create a legal nightmare for the Government."

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Barbara Lee :

"I am convinced that military action will not prevent further acts of international terrorism against the United States."

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Barbara Comstock :

"Section 215 cannot be used to investigate garden-variety crimes, or even domestic terrorism."

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Barb Graff :

"There have been lots of exercises between agencies regarding terrorism. This will be the first one on the water."

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Allen Iverson :

"Yeah, but I know who it is. It's [the media]. It's not like it's coming from my teammates or it's coming from the loyal fans. It's the newspapers, it's the media. The worst thing is just looking at the newspaper. You see terrorism on the front page, then you see all the deaths in Philadelphia on the local page, then you get to the sports page, when it's supposed to be something gratifying and you see even more negativity."

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Allen G. Peck :

"While our focus remains on fighting the war on terrorism, taking care of people is a top priority -- they can't effectively perform the mission if their heads and hearts are focused on the safety and welfare of their loved ones."

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Ali Rodriguez :

"It's very strange that the US government, which has constantly made very severe statements about terrorism, hasn't had precisely the same strength to speak out on this delicate issue."

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Ali Larijani :

"US Secretary of State Rice says that Iran is the central bank for international terrorism. What does that have to do with our nuclear program? They have pursued parallel projects against us."

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Ali Hussein :

"I am an Iraqi citizen. Of course, I voted `yes,' ... God willing, there will be no terrorism."

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Ali Al :

"fervently denies any formal or informal charges by the FBI or the Department of Justice that he has in the past supported or currently is supporting terrorism and terrorist activity."

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