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William Blum :

"What our leaders and pundits never let slip is that the terrorists -- whatever else they might be -- might also be rational human beings ; which is to say that in their own minds they have a rational justification for their actions. Most terrorists are people deeply concerned by what they see as social, political, or religious injustice and hypocrisy, and the immediate grounds for their terrorism is often retaliation for an action of the United States . "

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Andie MacDowell :

"I lived in Paris when I was 20 and 21, and actually knew people that worked for the government there, that talked about terrorism in the country 20 years ago."

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Barry Steinhardt :

"This survey shows that going through with this plan to impose a national identity card in our sprawling, diverse nation is not only contrary to our values, but would prove to be a bureaucratic train wreck. Real ID will mean higher taxes and fees, longer lines, repeat visits to the DMV, bureaucratic snafus, and, for a lot of people, the inability to obtain a license. To top it off, it will do little if anything to prevent terrorism; terrorists will continue to get drivers licenses, whether legitimately or through bribery and fraud."

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Anand Sharma :

"It is cross border terrorism. It's not the first time we are saying it."

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Ana Palacio :

"We don't have ETA claiming these attacks but (they) bear its signatures... ETA is aiming at disrupting democracy in Spain. Terrorism is always aiming at undermining our principles and values and our ability to live peacefully in democracy."

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Barry Hyman :

"I believe that the future of McDonald's is going to be their international growth. Let's not forget what President Bush is trying to do in Russia. Russia eventually is going to have to be our friend versus all this nonsense terrorism that's going on in the world, ... So, does the overseas market concern me? It doesn't because they are looking to marginalize that growth of 1-to-2 percent and diversify at the same time. I think the bad things are behind it and I like the stock."

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Barry Elliott :

"We're showing more and more links to terrorism all the time."

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Amram Mitzna :

"Yes, sure terrorism must be met with an iron fist, and terrorism is something you have to fight strongly, on the other hand we need to call to negotiate and I will call the Palestinians to come back to the negotiating table."

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Amr Moussa :

"The Arab nations do stand with President Bush, with the U.S. All countries are against international terrorism. We are very clear that we do reject any international crime of terrorism anywhere, and in particular what happened a couple days ago in the United States."

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Barney Frank :

"The losers, if we do not re-enact terrorism risk insurance, are people who want to build in those cities seen as potential targets of terrorism. They would not be able to get loans."

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