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Charles Clarke :

"It's a very retrograde step. We already have an offence of inciting terrorism. I think the attempt to use emotive language in a statute ... will perplex juries and be unworkable."

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Bruce Cain :

"It's pretty clear that terrorism-war themes no longer work in keeping people in line."

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Brian Levin :

"The government has made clear it's going to do everything it can to go after terrorism, but here you have a case where it appears that hubris might have intoxicated the prosecutor, and he might have taken one step over the line."

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Brian Levin :

"The battle against terrorism today is against a violent ideology rather than a well-organized, top-down group. It's just a matter of time before we get someone ? an immigrant or someone American-born ? who commits a higher-intensity act of terrorism."

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Brian Jenkins :

"Terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s was carried out by relatively discreet, identifiable groups, ... Terrorism in the 1990s is carried out by ad hoc conspiracies."

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Brian Roehrkasse :

"The Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's top priority remains fighting the war on terrorism, ... However, it is not our sole priority. In fact, Congress has directed the department to focus on other priorities, such as obscenity."

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Brian Harris :

"The industry recovery will not be straight line, but overall should continue to plug along as acute terrorism fears recede and the economy begins to pick up."

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Charles Clarke :

"We cannot properly fight terrorism with one legal hand tied behind our back, or give terrorists the unfettered right to defend themselves as they promote and prepare violent attacks on our society."

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Charles Clarke :

"The United Kingdom is committed to playing a leading role in the international campaign against terrorism and sending the clear message that we are not prepared to tolerate terrorism here or anywhere in the world."

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Charles Clarke :

"Recent events in London and elsewhere in the world have shown all too clearly that the threat posed by global terrorism has not gone away."

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