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David Baker :

"further proof that the Palestinian Authority considers terrorism a primary mode of operation."

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David Albright :

"Our first concern is the risk of nuclear terrorism, ... We worry about what could happen in Russia, Pakistan, India and China."

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Chris Connolly :

"I don't want to talk about Kyoto, or netballers, or the wheat commission, or the crime commission, or the tsunamis, or the world wars that have gone on, terrorism. I just want to talk about the game."

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Charles Schumer :

"We take terrorism seriously and we take its victims seriously as well, ... I hope this does set a precedent."

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Charles Schumer :

"At long last builders and insurers of major projects in large cities, particularly New York, can breathe a sigh of relief. Terrorism insurance will be renewed."

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Charles Schumer :

"I fully support the teaching and worship of Islam in the military, but I think it is common sense that the groups in charge of vetting people don't have links to terrorism and are fundamentally pluralistic,"

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Charles Grant :

"Islamic terrorism is a much bigger problem in Europe than in the U.S. because you don't have the relatively large Muslim community that we do. What the war in Iraq has done is radicalize these people and make some of them prepared to support terrorism. Iraq is a great recruiting sergeant."

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Charles E. Schumer :

"The northern border gets scant attention compared to the border with Mexico, but [it] presents a significant threat to our security from illicit drugs and terrorism."

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Charles Davis :

"No matter how isolated, extreme and distant from the mainstream faith, when adherents of your faith - some sect that calls itself Muslim - carries out acts of terrorism in the name of Islamic extremism, then the spiritual head of that movement is fair game for editorials and cartoons. I don?t know how you divorce one from the other."

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Charles Clarke :

"That includes tackling those who seek to foster hatred or promote terrorism, sending a strong message that they are not welcome in the UK."

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