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Chris Grayling :

"We've got a continuing threat from terrorism, the health service is in financial chaos, there's a possible petrol price crisis, and yet the prime minister doesn't even seem to think it important to spend time at his own desk back in Britain. It's just not good enough."

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Chris Ellison :

"Attacking terrorist financing cuts off the lifeblood of terrorism,"

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Chris Dunn :

"Commissioner Kelly may be ready to launch us all into a surveillance society, but we believe cameras are not a cure-all for crime and terrorism. It is far from clear that cameras deter crime."

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Chris Davies :

"So just when Europe needs to be doing more than ever to fight crime and terrorism in an unstable world, we would be proposing deep, deep cuts in the things that really matter,"

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Cheryl Weaver :

"It's not just about terrorism. We have Interstate 81 and rail lines which make transportation disasters a possibility. People shouldn't think because we live in a smaller town we don't have to worry about civil preparedness."

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Cheryl Baker :

"My parents were apprehensive about me traveling abroad, with terrorism and other problems. But they decided it was a good fit and supported me 100 percent."

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Cherie Booth :

"In the real world, where terrorism exists, there are few absolutes."

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Charles Valliere :

"[Bush] has got strong players on international issues and on terrorism. He doesn't have strong players on the economy. You could say there's a congenital Bush family problem in this area."

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Charles Schumer :

"This administration has been far too close for far too long to the Saudi ruling family, a family that has supported terrorism for over a decade."

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Charles Pena :

"The political atmosphere is charged. Democrats can't afford to be seen as soft on defense or terrorism. They're going to have to fight the social cuts without bargaining on defense."

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