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Ed Rendell :

"Sure, we should be so lucky, but the word experts would use is 'gravitas,' ... Did he look like he was ready to be president? Did he have in his resume enough in his background to have him deal with terrorism or these things? I think when people look at John Edwards they say he's a terrific, bright young Senator, he'll be something some day, but I don't think they see it now."

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Byron Dorgan :

"[Sen. Byron Dorgan said the move sends a strong message.] I think it's a very serious step and will be an understandable signal to the Syrians, ... The Syrians have been identified as a country that's engaged in state-sponsored terrorism."

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Bryan Whitman :

"Obviously, we will respond to the concerns of any member of Congress. The government of Uzbekistan has been a good partner in the war on terrorism."

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David Goodman :

"The Siege of Western Civilization has become an international bestseller. One reason is that its host and narrator, Herb Meyer, provides the clearest possible explanation of what the War on Terrorism is about--and of why our armed forces are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now, when so many Americans are questioning the war, we believe its message is more important than ever. And we want to give members of our armed forces--and their families--some 'ammunition' to defend themselves against the war's critics. They're the people who are on the front lines defending our civilization, and we've decided that making The Siege of Western Civilization available to them for free should be our way of expressing our appreciation."

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David Finch :

"What I think people will see now is the country coming together in these times of recovery and forming solutions to the problems caused by the hurricane and terrorism."

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David Duke :

"Every Aryan must come to realize that truly hateful rhetoric or terrorism only fulfills the false, Jewish-created, media image of what we are and what we stand for. Those who embarrass us with the language or behavior of hatred work against our victory more than the worst Jewish supremacist."

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David Davis :

"With rising crime, and the threat of terrorism putting ever more pressure on the police, it is not surprising that officers have to work longer hours. If we really want to get a grip on crime, the government must invest in more officers."

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David Blunkett :

"None of us believe countering terrorism is about party politics"

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Chris Hammond :

"The Patriot Act requires all financial institutions to set up identification procedures to protect our country from terrorism and money laundering."

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Chris Grayling :

"We've got a continuing threat from terrorism, the health service is in financial chaos, there's a possible petrol price crisis, and yet the prime minister doesn't even seem to think it important to spend time at his own desk back in Britain."

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