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Ephraim Sneh :

"As long as the Palestinian Authority doesn't fulfill its duty to contain terrorism, there is no alternative left for us but to act, ... As long as there is a war, we are in war."

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Elie Wiesel :

"Terrorism knows no borders. Therefore, opposition to terrorism must know no borders."

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Ehud Gelblum :

"Israel will not compromise with terrorism and will continue to fight it with full force. However, there is no intention of harming the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian population."

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Ehud Gelblum :

"The State of Israel will not negotiate with a Palestinian administration if its members include an armed terrorist organization that calls for the destruction of the State of Israel; in any case, Israel will continue to fight terrorism with a heavy hand, everywhere."

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Ehud Barak :

"Israel will not accept any kind of violence or terrorism against innocent civilians,"

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Edward Kennedy :

"It's a form of terrorism that this country has to free itself of,"

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Edward Kennedy :

"I continue to be convinced that this is the wrong war at the wrong time, ... The threat from Iraq is not imminent and it will distract America from the two more immediate threats to our security: the clear and present danger of terrorism and the crisis with North Korea."

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Edward Kennedy :

"All of us deplore the acts of terrorism that we have seen in these last minutes, and our hearts reach out to all of those who have suffered, lost their lives or who are injured right now, and all of us reach out to the brave rescue workers who are attempting to help our fellow citizens."

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Edmund Stoiber :

"We'll take care of the hooligans, but the danger exists that the World Cup will be misused by international terrorism."

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Ed Skyler :

"He wants to continue to drive down crime to new lows while doing everything we can to prevent terrorism. He wants to see his education reforms institutionalized so the clock can't be turned back."

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