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Cynthia McKinney :

"To any honest observer, Zimbabwe's sin is that it has taken the position to right a wrong, whose resolution has been too long overdue--to return its land to its people."

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Craig Ellis :

"It's about time, ... It echoes where we are going with the economy -- and it's long overdue."

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Colin Smith :

"It was long overdue, long overdue."

Christy Fusco :

"We always ask patrons what's going on. We have a small percentage of chronically overdue books."

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Chris Raso :

"They are very athletic kids who make it pretty easy to coach. But I didn't have any big kids for over 15 years, so I was overdue."

Craig James :

"Our view is that the Australian share market is overdue for a correction."

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Chris Perry :

"It's overdue. There's been a few times this year that I could've scored if it hadn't been called back. I was happy to get one."

Eric Rothdeutsch :

"Frankly, a lot of semiconductor stocks are priced to perfection and in the absence of really positive news, the stocks are a little overdue for a pullback."

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Elmer Labog :

"On Labor Day, the legislated wage hike would again be one of the major issues we will push. We've been asking for it for long a time. It's long overdue."

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Ellen Pikitch :

"We think it is great news. It is long overdue."

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