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Courtney Emken :

"There are so many mom and pop shops in this town that are trying to make it. It's really important to support those people and show that you want the money to stay in this town."

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Councilwoman Shari Mackin :

"I virtually begged for the money. (The project) is really going to be good. I'm thrilled."

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Councilor Dennis Eaniri :

"There's quite a difference in money with the firefighter contract versus the police contract."

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Councilor Dennis Eaniri :

"Who keeps track of all that is a concern of mine, having worked in government before. It's taxpayer money and taxpayers always want to know where every dime is going."

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Councilman Van Pearlberg :

"The council is concerned about spending any amount of money on this."

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Councilman Tom Poole :

"People are in business to make money, and I can't see why the city would subsidize those things."

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Councilman Richard Banks :

"We are stewards of the taxpayers' money. And I think we owe it to the taxpayers to explain why we're spending as much per student as New York State."

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Councilman Henry Ficklin :

"Any money that comes to this city ... is needed to keep us afloat."

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Councilman Charles Matthews :

"When taxes come in, we're going to have another surplus of money. I don't know if we are doing right by the taxpayers. I don't understand what happened here on Thursday night."

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Coun Tilsley :

"This is an issue which needs to be taken up. It is a lot of money and I am not happy about simply writing off the debts. We need to get in as quickly as possible as soon as we see there any problems."

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