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Craig Allen :

"I think that's what is really changing it, you are getting a lot more small fish like myself competing on their own, ... If they do well, great. If they don't, they hire a money manager."

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Craig Aaron :

"We need a full accounting of the Bush administration's spending on advertising, PR, and fake news. It's time for Congress to reclaim its constitutional role as a counterweight to the executive branch and permanently cut off funding for covert propaganda. We must ensure that taxpayer money isn't being spent by the White House to secretly manipulate the American public."

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Coz Carson :

"This was not some sinister act to dupe the people out of a small amount of money."

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Courtney Taylor :

"Whether The Cancer Council is funding parent or family support, or putting money into research, the funding comes from awareness of their work and days like Daffodil Day make it happen."

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Courtney Smith :

"If we see (broad economic growth in) Europe total at over 2 percent, that would be a significant increase from last year. At the same time, we're going to see Japan show positive economic growth for the first time in several years. What that's going to do is (encourage) money flowing out of the dollar."

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Courtney Sims :

"I got a whole bunch of money, about $300. I've got to pay bills."

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Courtney Kupets :

"When the tour came around it was a chance to take money or stay with the NCAA, but it didn't compare with staying in college."

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Courtney Hill :

"It surprises us when the money is unclaimed. You never can tell just why. Someone might have been here on vacation and bought a ticket. Sometimes people just forget to check and then forget they have it."

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Courtney Hill :

"That's still a significant amount of money."

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Courtney Hill :

"That's still a significant amount of money. People will look for the jackpot and then they see they don't win and think it's the only option."

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