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Craig Civalier :

"I just didn't feel it was necessary for the homeowners association to pay for this, especially if we had the money in the budget. That's bad public relations entirely."

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Craig Cameron :

"As a centre half-forward and a key-position player, he deserves that sort of money."

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Craig Callahan :

"Investors need to think first, and not put money randomly into oil stocks."

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Craig Brown :

"Journalism could be described as turning one's enemies into money."

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Craig Benedetto :

"The law is the law. If the city is out of compliance and needs more money, we'll have to look carefully at an equitable solution that will meet these legal requirements without killing the business community."

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Craig Belser :

"This is the ultimate in feel-good projects. To make money and make people happy, it's a Santa Claus project."

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Craig Beilinson :

"If you take all the functionality that you get in Windows 2000 and try to re-create that on another platform, you would have to buy several different products, from several different companies, costing more money, and they most likely haven't even been tested to work together in an integrated fashion. With Windows 2000, you get all the functionality of a desktop operating system or a server operating system, along with an integrated Web server, transaction server and message queue server, and it's all in one inexpensive package, designed to work seamlessly together."

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Craig Angelos :

"I would like to have him back, but I am not optimistic. It could fall apart, but they are past the money and now working on terms that are easier to resolve."

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Craig Allen :

"(Strickland) has more money than the other candidates. He's an excellent campaigner. Barring any unexpected event, he'll be impossible to catch. I think Ted can win in November."

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Craig Allen :

"A small cooling unit with inexpensive racking costs about $1,500 for a 6-foot by 6-foot, 500-bottle wine cellar. But the sky is the limit if money is no problem. There are wine cellars . . . in the $100,000-plus range. Whatever you build, plan on spending $3 to $5 per bottle of wine for racking with a quality wood."

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