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Craig Settles :

"It's never free. There's some payment, some off-setting fee somewhere. It's nice to be civic-minded, but this stuff costs money."

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Craig Ross :

"There was no improper accounting of money. All money was appropriately accounted for,"

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Craig Ross :

"None of this money was placed in water and sewer surplus, and it therefore had no impact on the fund balance."

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Craig Ray :

"Maybe the number of travelers aren't as high, but the money spent is way up. The travelers are staying longer and spending more money. When you look at it in that sense, I'd say it's very positive."

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Craig Quigley :

"I very much would welcome and do welcome the transparency. To have the Chinese government officially say that there is a 17.7 percent increase in their defense spending next year, I think is a welcome addition to the knowledge that the world can then assess as to the amount of money that the Chinese government is spending on defense."

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Craig Phillips :

"We don't have interns available any more, so we rely more on the code enforcement people, ... It's not a moneymaking venture. It's to clean up the look of the corridors. The last warnings have been sent. Now we will start to follow up with fines."

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Craig Peterson :

"Whenever you save water and power, you're definitely saving money down the road."

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Craig Morrison :

"We started implementing a program in the mid '90s to replace the old and outdated playground equipment, ... But it takes time and a lot of money."

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Craig McDonald :

"We had to date never seen such cheating, such an influx of corporate money into our state elections process,"

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Craig Leipold :

"Some teams will have to clean up old messes, but frankly, once that's done we shouldn't be losing money anymore."

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