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Crystal Kennedy :

"I could have done a lot more if I had the money. We really did a minimal campaign compared to some of what the others did."

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Crosby Davidson :

"For me anyway, I had some time, and I knew everybody was throwing money, and that was good I didn't have any money, but I did have time."

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Cristina Correa :

"I don't know how he did it, but he got the money for me to go back to school. He was very, very supportive."

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Cres Dorough :

"I guess they just decided to bail. They kept saying, 'Where's your money? Where's the money?' . . . We're just working folks. There wasn't any money to give them."

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Crenston Boxhill :

"We sent the relevant documents as they relate to bank information and all that of the vendor to the FIFA. And as you know, FIFA doesn't pay the federation this money and then expect the federation to pay whoever, so we have sent off the relevant information to FIFA for the vendor to get paid."

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Crenston Boxhill :

"Money is very important. It is almost impossible to live without it and not everything in life can be bought and today's result was testimony to that."

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Craig Wilson :

"The bottom line is, Burns is going to have at least several times more money than his Democratic opponent."

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Craig Whittom :

"All of the money generated from sales tax, business licenses fees and property taxes on the island is put in this fund, none of it goes to the city's general fund. Other revenue is generated from assessment fees charged to developers."

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Craig Weber :

"The people who are most likely to buy online are probably the least loyal and most price-sensitive. The younger generation is more inclined to be online, and they have less money, so they are more attuned to price."

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Craig Sher :

"It was a matter of whether we should spend more money on a project that never really provided any return on our investment. We decided it's time to move on."

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