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Curtis Jenkins :

"Gone in 60 seconds? That was me. I used my skills in a negative way to make money for crack."

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Curtis Jenkins :

"[Nine months ago, Jenkins, 29, was addicted to crack, a habit formed when he was 18. In February, he was charged with criminal mischief, his second felony arrest. His first, in 2000, for car theft, landed him in jail for a year and a half.] Gone in 60 seconds? That was me, ... I used my skills in a negative way to make money for crack."

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Curtis Carlson :

"All my life I knew that there was all the money you could want out there. All you have to do is go after it."

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Curtis Baham :

"Perfect throw, right on the money. It all boils down to execution. When you execute, that's the result."

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Curt Lavarello :

"It is amazing that while Congress pumps homeland security money into protecting airports and their own Capitol Hill offices, they are simultaneously cutting funding to protect our nation's most valuable resources - the students and teachers in our schools."

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Curt Hecker :

"We are committed to providing value to our clients by delivering effective solutions, superior service and sound advice. Simultaneously, we are deeply involved with our communities, reinvesting time, energy and money. These efforts translate into rapid growth and increasing profits in all the markets where we operate."

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Curt Guenther :

"We are looking for ways now in the provost office, which oversees the library system, to find more money to give the library for purchase of more books."

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Curt Buchholtz :

"They probably would not give money to pave a road or clean a bathroom."

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Curt Behlmer :

"Ultimately, digital cinema needs to be reliable. Film is perceived as being very reliable. It might be out of focus, but people won't demand their money back. Digital is a different medium. It's either there on the screen or it's not."

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Cuban Link :

"[Fat] Joe owes a lot of money. He's been fucking around with the money, the royalty checks and all of that, ... Pun's wife should never ever have had financial problems with as many records as Pun sold."

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