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Claudio Loser :

"It's going to end up costing Argentina a lot more money because they will have to seek other forms of financing that are more expensive."

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Claudia Williams :

"If they didn't buy an animal, they gave the child add-on money. When other companies heard that, they followed suit, also pledging to give something to each child. That hasn't happened before."

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Claudia Williams :

"100 percent of that money goes to the kids. As soon as the buyers pay us, we cut the checks for the students to further their education in agriculture."

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Claudia Valas :

"It's like putting money in the bank and then not being able to withdraw it because they changed the rules. It's wrong."

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Claudia Hill :

"They can't change the AMT tax consequences of that $55 that they made in virtual income when they exercised and they will pay taxes on that extra money if they still hold those shares on Dec. 31st of this year."

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Claude LeRoy :

"Before the game against Angola, there were as many as twenty people trying to call him and tell him he could earn so much money... maybe his concentration was upset."

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Claude Corkadel :

"We have made full disclosures, and the investment community knows we don't have all the money and we are going to need the money. But they are right there with us, believing in this technology moving forward."

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Claude Brown :

"You don't mess with a man's money; you don't mess with a man's woman; you don't mess with a man's family or his manhood these were a man's principles . . ."

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Clarke Stroud :

"We're seeing alumni putting money back into the houses because vandalism is down. We are seeing a real change in behavior, an indication we are making an impact."

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Clark Stillwell :

"We're not after money. We just want our development rights."

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