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Clete Casper :

"There is an incredible amount of money being fed through the National Institutes of Health."

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Cleta Mitchell :

"You can't take corporate money and launder it through an account, but tribes do this all the time."

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Cleo Howell :

"People are not going to receive money, or a check or a debit card from here. We're not giving away clothes. We do have water to keep people hydrated, but the decisions on who gets what assistance is made at the national level."

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Clayton Downing :

"A lot of the districts aren't going to have money to pay their teachers come July if they don't do something."

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Clayton Downing :

"There are two things he did for Lewisville ISD. When he first became superintendent in 1969, Lewisville was in financial trouble due to mismanagement of money. He had to make some tough decisions, but he got us out of financial troubles. Since then, Lewisville has not had any financial problems. He was really good at finances but he was also able to see the growth from 2,600 to 10,000 kids coming."

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Clay Richards :

"For a governor who signed the despised legislative pay raise and saw his plan to use gambling money to lower property taxes go down in flames, Ed Rendell ought to be called Teflon Ed."

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Clay Perry :

"It's a different world -- lots of press. Lots of money up there. I found out they were giving a (truck) this year to the winner. Somebody told me, 'just go back and win it again.' That's easier said than done."

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Clay Calvert :

"Obviously, in an ideal world, we would give as much money as we could to as many students as we could. But this is just not possible to do with the budget we are given."

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Clay Aiken :

"It's not the money. It's not the fame. It's the influence."

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Claudio Piron :

"We are coming to the end of the year and it's a nice place to park money."

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