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Clint Stretch :

"There is zero chance any member of the Fortune 100 would ever pay corporate taxes ahead of time. Corporations do not have the slightest interest in paying corporate taxes early. They're not going to volunteer money to the government."

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Clint Robinson :

"You have a chance on every one in this herd. I need to get one more steer down. I just came here to have fun and win as much money as I can. I feel pretty good in both events."

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Clint Kriewaldt :

"We get paid well, but this is what really motivates most of the players. Some guys might worry about the money more. But playing in the Super Bowl and winning a (championship) ring is what it's all about for most of us."

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Clifford Reed :

"The mind is the most powerful thing in the world. Why would you allow your athletes to go out and be humiliated if it wasn't about going out and trying to raise money for your programs?"

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Clifford Hopkins :

"To do that, we've got to play the closer teams, but those are all 2A schools, borderline 3A schools. But those are the money games we have to play. We have to play Wade Hampton. We have to play Allendale (Fairfax). That's why our overall record is never going to be that good."

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Cliff May :

"Clinton's personal foibles and failings have nothing to do with the fact that Al Gore went to a Buddhist temple to raise money and that his closest associates and fund-raisers were convicted of multiple felonies in regard to that event."

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Cliff Manlove :

"And that's just the way it is. I could call over there, but I know they are just as anxious to get their money out of their engineering input as we are to get started."

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Cliff Hall :

"Diesel is $1 a gallon higher than a year ago, ... When you average five miles a gallon -- that's a lot of money."

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Cliff Gallant :

"It does seem very strange. Typically if your spouse takes all your money, you'd need to keep on working, not stop. I don't know if there is some legal or financial reason why he couldn't work past the end of 2008, but I don't get it."

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Cliff Corbett :

"We have spent more money in the last five years upgrading and expanding services than we have in the last 95 years. It has been a significant investment for the organization and people of the community."

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