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Colin McEnroe :

"We had it just to have a party, and since we were having a party, we wanted the money to go to a good cause. Now I think the fundraising for CARC is what's really important, it's what's taken over."

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Colin Gabriel :

"They are successful people, making lots of money, beating their competitors. They think this will be similar to other negotiations they have had. It is not."

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Colin Falls :

"I think we all got our money's worth, we gave it our all. I can walk out of here with my head held high."

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Colin Devine :

"If you can solve individuals' income needs, then they will hand over all of their money."

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Colin Chapman :

"Money is how we keep the score in motor racing nowadays."

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Colin Butler :

"Our community sends a lot of income tax money to the State of Wisconsin."

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Coleman Stipanovich :

"We're not disputing the fact that (executives) deserve to make a lot of money. Just make it performance based, so everyone is benefiting, not just them. It's all about increasing shareholder value."

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Cole Hauser :

"Yeah, ... But first we've got to make some money and promote this thing the right way. ... I'm thinking about [Friday] the 26th and opening this thing up when it's strong, and we'll go from there."

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Cole Bennett :

"That's tough because the whole point of the class is to make money. It's called Electronic Commerce. I could be making money right now with different links or with some advertising. I can't because I play football. So I just focus on pointing out how it could make money, and making the rest of the site better."

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Colby Rasmus :

"I wanted to get something that was a little nicer, but he brought me back down to earth. But with the money, I bought him a truck."

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