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Connie Bugbee :

"I guess the money that came in last week went out this week."

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Conard Fowkes :

"They're cashing in their IRAs because they need money and they're out of work, ... Actors in the beginning are usually unaware that they're not immortal and will never get old. But by the time they're in their 30s, they begin to understand that the future is going to require they pay some attention."

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Conard Fowkes :

"Actors don't do a good job worrying about their finances. It's difficult because you do not work consistently week after week. You may be very well paid for a job that lasts 10 weeks. Then you're unemployed and you haven't put any money aside."

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Commissioner Michael DiTerlizzi :

"It's a shame millions of dollars of taxpayers' money was spent to sit there and rot. The state really needs to do something about it."

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Commissioner Leon Kerry :

"Because of more corporate money, schools will get more general-scholarship money. And that's something we are excited about it."

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Commander Elmo Norton :

"Now we're going to lose $5,000 of $6,000 in rentals. And if anyone needs rent money about now, it's us. On Nov. 11, we have a big insurance premium due, around $18,000."

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Colin Taylor :

"Are there not other ways money can be raised to build these sports facilities?"

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Colin Strother :

"This whole thing is so seedy. It looks like the Native Americans were very badly mistreated and Henry, as soon as he heard what was going on and realized we had received money, said he wanted to send it back."

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Colin Nederkoorn :

"I don't think they would admit it, but yes, we had an impact. All these people yelling and screaming for dual boot, yeah, I think it certainly helped. People were willing to donate their money and support, and I think Apple heard the message loud and clear."

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Colin Murray :

"They've spent a tremendous amount of money on this case, and it's taken a tremendous toll on the prosecutors."

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