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Corby Fisher :

"Alan does it for the right reasons. It's not for the money and fame. It's about conquering the sport."

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Conway Jeffress :

"The moment we started these projects, we started setting aside the money."

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Conrad Smith :

"If the tax payers want to pay the money to help fix it up, but they have to make it attractive for the public, right now it's not attractive to the public."

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Conrad Raabe :

"The UAE people are not particularly interested in anything other than making money. That has been their byline for centuries."

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Conrad Fink :

"These guys cashed out big time, made a lot of money by taking their company public. Little did they know or care that they were inviting into the house major private capital investment companies that were going to put pressure on their future management."

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Connie Thomason :

"It provides money for shirts, medals and ribbons."

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Connie Smith :

"We are still looking for additional money. A $330,000 operating balance is not adequate."

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Connie Shade :

"We're able to provide transportation to the public that's not going to cost that much additional money. The county is not going to be buying new vehicles or hiring new drivers."

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Connie Lau :

"I would say, quite the opposite. But I was really privileged in that I had a wonderful family. They were always incredibly supportive and I guess I would call that privilege worth a whole lot more than money. To a large extent, it permeates the philosophy with which we raise our own kids."

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Connie Jackson :

"Star initiated this concert on her own, ... We are collecting money and any personal care items that we can send with our volunteers in a backpack."

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