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Craig Taylor :

"I've got two young boys that love playing and I wanted to get a program going. I don't even have any kids at Midland Classical right now."

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Craig Stuller :

"People coming from sea level love it up here. It seems like a mile high is where the break off is for the effects of altitude. That's where the deer turn into elk. We have nothing but elk up here."

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Craig Smith :

"We're still just a bunch of guys who love to sail."

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Craig Sarner :

"It's not even a labor. I just love to do it."

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Craig Robertson :

"Oh yes, we love all that stuff. Basketball is all about having fun. That's what keeps us up for games."

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Craig Newitt :

"It's in super order. As good as gold. Horses were getting a lovely footing."

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Craig McLaughlin :

"He had the vision to do things and he wasn't afraid to step out and do something just because it was going to be difficult. He loved making deals and seeing them happen."

Craig Krenzel :

"Obviously, it's good to still be here. Now it's a matter of finding ways to contribute any way I can. I'll try to help Carson out whenever I can, and I get a chance to learn from Jon and Carson. I want to get better. This is what I do. I love to do it. I work as hard as I can, and I'm just fortunate."

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Craig Kornblau :

"We have a $24 billion business that consumers absolutely love. And yet, there is very little content made only for this business."

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Craig Kausen :

"He was never rich, but he was paid enough to ... do what he loved."