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Crystal Ramsey :

"My girls play with so much heart. They love being on the court together and it showed. It wasn't in the cards for us tonight."

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Crystal Middlemas :

"Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle."

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Crystal Davis :

"I think she's just one of the most lovely, energetic people I've ever met. She just always seems to be in a good mood, and I think having such a positive attitude rubs off on her little sister. They definitely look like sisters when they are together."

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Crosby Styles :

"I love this game. But once our offense starts rolling and our shots start falling for us, that's when I really start to have fun."

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Cristina Comencini :

"Italian audiences identified with this kind of passing through a pain to reach a truth in yourself. I did not want to make a scandal about something. I wanted to explore the dark places in all of us, to understand how this kind of thing could happen. Every human being has basically a bad side and a good side. It's a contradiction: As adults, we can do the best thing in the world and love our children, or we can have an attraction to young bodies and do a bad thing. If you can see it, you can stop it, and decide to be a human being."

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Criss Nadolson :

"I told them the field, the ball, the bat and the glove don't know how old we are, so we're just trying to play the game. But we had so many runners on and so many hits, it could have been not as close. Later in the year, hopefully we'll get more runs in those situations."

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Criss Davis :

"We've had tremendous crowds. In Caney, they love their football. We think the whole crowd should give us a boost."

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Cris Collinsworth :

"From the beginning of time in the NFL, you need to distinguish what stars can get away with and what others can get away with, ... You can't tell me the Philadelphia Eagles wouldn't have loved to cut Terrell Owens. They can't cut him. He's too talented. They don't have people to replace him. You learn to tolerate stars and their antics."

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Craig Winter :

"The kids work hard on their hitting. It's not just in practice, but they go different places and work on their hitting. Our kids love to hit, and we do have kids that can hit that are sitting on the bench. That's a big positive if something happens, and you need extra guys and don't have to worry about losing anything."

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Craig Thompson :

"I would love for them to be the first, but I'm for anybody. If you play a good schedule, as determined both by the opinion pollsters and the computer polls, and you go undefeated, you should have a chance to play at the highest level."

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