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Coady Haga :

"Leash walking, lots of love is definitely the way to go. The catchphrase is 'responsible pet owner.' It's realizing that your pet is going to want to wander and taking all the steps to prevent it."

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Clyde Smith :

"I want to thank you all for being here and for your love and support."

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Clyde Getty :

"People love me and I love the people. The passion is just so deep inside you want to cry. I've gotten my dream, I want everybody to know that age doesn't matter. You've just got to have it inside."

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Clyde Drexler :

"As a young guy, he probably said and did some things that were perceived as being selfish, but he's a winner. All he's ever tried to do is play hard and maximize his talent on the court. He's a basketball junkie and when a guy is that talented you've got to love him."

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Clotile Bonner :

"In the element of Utah, this is a new thing -- this is interracial love on stage. This is kind of a controversial issue, but one that has to be told."

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Clive Owen :

"I love to mix it up. I love to keep doing different things."

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Clive Davis :

"It's one of the very few albums, ... that young people love and older people love. So it's exploded."

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Clinton Solomon :

"When I go see him, I talk to him through a glass window, and it's hard to talk to somebody like that. It's like I have so much to say, but I can't because I'm upset. And then I can't be upset at him because the thing he was doing to get locked up, he was doing to support me and my mom. Me and my sisters, we get mad about it. But we still love him, and when he gets out, I'm willing to open my doors and help him out and help him find a better place."

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Clint Walker :

"Another thing I recall was falling in love with Shirley Temple when I was nine or ten."

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Clint Stoerner :

"I love his swagger. You always want to have good leaders and you want your players to fall in behind guys who act right, guys who carry themselves right. Cory is one of those guys."

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