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Courtney Schuster :

"No, none. There's nothing I'd ever regret about this. This will be in my memories throughout college and my life."

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Courtney Otto :

"What can be frustrating [is that] you have this one thing that you're really passionate about, but you don't know how to actually make anything happen. And for me, coming into my life when it did, Ignite was this fantastic opportunity to band with these absolutely amazing and incredibly smart people who felt the same way I did. There was this fantastic sense of relief and solidarity that there were these people that already cared about this and had put together this network."

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Courtney LaVere :

"These four years have been an incredible life-changing experience. I'm sure it will sink in a little more when I have a 9-to-5 job."

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Courtney LaVere :

"I love the city. I have wanted to move to New York since I was in middle school. One of my best friends lives there, and I have a great opportunity to go live with her and get started on my life out there."

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Courtney Collishaw :

"What happened last year was probably one of the worst moments of my life. We were really emotional last year. We didn't want that to happen again."

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Countess of (Marguerite Gardiner) Blessington :

"Love-matches are made by people who are content, for a month of honey, to condemn themselves to a life of vinegar."

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Count Basie :

"All I wanted was to be big, to be in show business and to travel ... and that?s what I?ve been doing all my life."

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Councilman David Druker :

"The reason we charge for parking and continue to charge for parking is that we have a lifeguard on duty 365 days a year. We are providing services to everybody every day of the year."

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Cosette Schaaf :

"Everything was a prayer to St. Francis, his whole life was a prayer. This is what we strive for, too."

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Cory Wine :

"I really enjoy playing here. I just enjoy baseball. It's been something that's been a part of my whole life."

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