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Craig Jackson :

"The Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach Collector Car Event is the East Coast's premier automotive lifestyle event where anyone can be a player instead of a side line spectator. Sales rose this year by approximately the same amount as our total sales just two years ago. We once again demonstrated the strength of the car collecting hobby."

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Craig Jackson :

"We're extremely pleased by the results of our second South Florida event. The success we achieved at this auction, along with the results from our Scottsdale auction, reflects the increased popularity of classic vehicles and the automotive lifestyle experience."

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Craig Haney :

"Many jurors are forced to muddle through this life-and-death decision-making process confused about their duty and mired in inaccurate media-based stereotypes. To truly improve the reliability and fairness of the decision-making process in capital cases, overarching reforms would be needed to break down the network of social psychological forces that are at work."

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Craig Hamilton :

"Depression does not discriminate. It doesn't matter whether you are successful, it doesn't matter how intelligent you are, how rich you are, it can hit you at any time in your life."

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Craig Fugate :

"We haven't had any serious injuries or loss of life, and we'd like to keep it that way,"

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Craig Frederick :

"Life goes on. I have to worry about other things. If that's what they think is best, there's nothing I can do about it."

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Craig Foster :

"Why? Because it is adapted from England through the proliferation of English coaches in influential positions in the last three decades and it is completely non-technical and tactically infantile."

Craig Ferguson :

"The prospect of an interest-rate-hike lifeline for the currency has become even more remote. The coming week will be the most important for the currency of any in the next three months."

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Craig Ferguson :

"This job has explained to me who I am -- I'm not kidding, ... I always knew I was an actor, but kind of not. I always knew I was a writer, but kind of not. I knew was a producer, but kind of not. It's really a peculiar confluence of skills and experiences that put you in the right position to do this job. But I know now what I am. I'm this. Whatever this is. Now that I know this it's really helped me in my life."

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Craig Crilly :

"This is our 13th trip as a band, and it's a once in a lifetime experience for these kids to travel with friends and go to such a tremendous place. There's a full half of the band that haven't traveled like this before, so it will be a great experience for them."

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