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Craig Ramsay :

"Since I've had 11 (surgeries) in my life and I've always come through fine, this is nothing new for me."

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Craig Parsons :

"The defendant has earned and deserves a very, very severe sentence that is designed to imprison him for the rest of his life,"

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Craig Parker :

"It's been somewhat of a tumultuous season despite being 21-1 at this point. That's everyday life at New London and we know how to deal with that and move on."

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Craig Nicholas :

"It just wasn't very good. We're playing good, and all of a sudden the wheels come off. That's life."

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Craig Morgan :

"You don't have to be a redneck to be a member of a redneck yacht club. It's a term that in the past has been a stigma or a stereotype, but songs like this and other various songs, even though they talk about the very things that people imagine rednecks doing or being, they're realizing that a redneck is more of a lifestyle than a person or a people."

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Craig Morgan :

"I think (redneck) used to be considered a derogatory term, but not anymore. Now it's considered more of a lifestyle than anything."

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Craig Miner :

"To me Country Music is about real life."

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Craig Maurer :

"They had good gains on sales, which indicates good investment decisions ... their credit quality remains strong and their dividends are steady; all factors seem to indicate their life is OK."

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Craig Lewis :

"I still don't think it happened. It's a big shock even now. Going from the best shape of my life to not even being able to walk was really strange. It took forever to get used to, and it still hasn't even set in."

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Craig Johnston :

"It was the lowest point of my life and I needed help,"

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