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Collen Msibi :

"This will ensure that we lay a solid platform to have responsible road users, as children will be taught life skills related to road safety."

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Colleen Wilson :

"Everyone would like the old-school approach to meeting someone, but it just doesn't happen that way anymore. I'd like to think I'm going to meet someone in the grocery store or at church, but these days life is a little more challenging."

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Colleen Taylor :

"You want to find out if there are other areas in their life that aren't going so well, that maybe they are using pornography to kind of escape,"

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Colleen Groth :

"This is a race of life. I get off the bike and I feel alive. That strength makes you thankful for and appreciate the lives of Ashley and all those other people."

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Colleen Flynn :

"I think it's a life changing experience. You can meet someone from around the United States and learn what they go -- they're going through."

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Colleen Dunn :

"There was a time, probably about a year after my surgery and into my illness that I thought, wow, this is my life now. I won't perform again."

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Colleen De Reuck :

"My whole life isn't just involved with running. A good part of it, yeah. But my family is a big part and most important. That is why I can't do as much miles as the other girls do, because I'm on the go all the time."

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Colleen Cooke :

"Even though there were hundreds of volunteers who took time off from their jobs and dropped everything in their life to help in the relief effort, there was absolutely no sign of the federal government except in the area with a fence around it."

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Colleen Castille :

"Across the nation, the demand for energy and transportation fuel is outpacing supply. Florida must act now to protect the state's growing economy and quality of life."

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Colin Winchester :

"As a judge he needs to comply with the law. His life both professionally and personally needs to be above board in all respects."

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