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Craig Stinnett :

"As a team, we played much harder than we have all year long. This was a complete team effort."

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Craig Stevens :

"It was hard thinking about what had happened, as much as I tried not to. I went back to the hotel and I couldn't stop thinking about it because I was the next ranked athlete behind Grant (Hackett) and just to think 'What if I get second? What's going to happen? And that type of thing'."

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Craig Spiezle :

"The tide has turned; the dust has settled. The controversy and lack of having hard data has been in a sense some noise for businesses, so they did not even hear the message. Now they want to move forward."

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Craig Simpson :

"Mo came in, did the job, and shut the door. They came at us pretty hard."

Craig Scriven :

"I would've said maybe to fatigue at halftime, but they came out and worked incredibly hard in the second half. So they couldn't have been tired. We played one half of soccer today. I'm happy to go home tonight after the second half. If I would've had a second half like the first, I would've been furious."

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Craig Sarner :

"It's hard. I mean, you think about him every day, and thank heaven, in fact, Brian e-mailed me today."

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Craig Sanford :

"We have to pay taxes like everybody else. I don't see any hardship cases down there."

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Craig Roth :

"We got our education on the job because we didn't know this business. We had started out growing trees and doing landscaping, so I thought it wouldn't be too hard to do flowers. We didn't find out how hard it was until we were doing it, but we got a lot of help from other nurseries around here."

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Craig Redpath :

"No complaint. They are battle-hardened and know how to win."

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Craig Pippen :

"We will focus on the positives we had tonight and continue to get after it in practice. If the effort is there, the sky is the limit for this team. I've been preaching that from day one. I think they realize now that hard work - in practice and in games - wins basketball games."

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