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Curt Young :

"It would be hard to come back and start and expect five innings and 80 pitches."

Curt Weber :

"Ellis and T.C. are going to get faster and Harvey is going to get faster. But I've got to get that fourth leg decided on. If it's going to be Noble, his time came down (Tuesday) in the 100. He's a strong kid and he works hard."

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Curt Ware :

"They're physically stronger than us at this point. We were just outmanned up front. Our kids competed and played hard. We stayed in the game against a real good football team. They're ranked No. 5 in the state for a reason. They're a real good football team."

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Curt Reed :

"They like to get it and go. They're quick, smart and hard-nosed. They play hard-nosed defense. They'll be a challenge."

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Curt Poore :

"The members of this community will notice different people, and a different culture, and a different deal. Change is a good thing, and I really think the hardworking people of this community will notice the difference as soon as they walk into our showroom."

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Curt Miller :

"Buffalo is playing really good basketball and it's not a fluke that they're 6-3 over their last nine games. One of the things that stands out about Buffalo is their shooting percentage. We came out with the big point of emphasis to keep them under 42-45 percent shooting and we did that. . . . We took away their first option and tried to make them look hard for their other options."

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Curt Johnson :

"He is a world class athlete who has worked hard in his five seasons as a professional to refine his game and to become an elite player."

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Curt Gantz :

"I think our process has worked pretty well. It's hard for me to believe anyone would be scared off by this process."

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Curt Fredrickson :

"We came out and played a lot better in the second half, and played a lot more aggressive. We just had a hard time stopping them in the first half. They made a lot of good shots and really hustled. Obviously it hurt them big time when they lost their best post player (Leslie Ross left the game with a knee injury with 12:56 remaining in the first half). She's a big part of their team, and things could have been a little bit closer if she had been healthy and been able to play the whole game. It's unfortunate that she got hurt."

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Curt Fredrickson :

"It (foul trouble) may have been a key in the second half. But we didn't shoot hardly any free throws in the first half. The second half they had more fouls than we did. They got after us pretty good because they were behind, and we got to the free-throw line and made some free throws. Obviously, any time you've got the lead and you make free throws, it's big."

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