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Chris Saunders :

"Because of the reduced hunting pressure, a positive experience is assured. However, would-be hunters still need to complete a hunter education course. That way, there will always be safe, skilled and ethical hunters in Vermont's woods."

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Chris Sampson :

"As the science shifts, the work force needs shift. We need to be working with the education community to make sure they're preparing students to meet our future needs."

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Chris Proulx :

"A lot of organizations that train their employees through our coursework really value the ability to integrate a Cornell executive education experience into their training initiative. They get a high level of service from us, just like they have come to expect from an Ivy League university. And just because there is a greater reach, doesn't mean your admission standards change. You're looking for a certain quality of student who is going to interact in your program."

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Chris Proulx :

"Since 2001 we've interacted with more than 8,000 students, delivered 24,000 unique courses, and serviced learners from 132 countries. Our focus is on professional and executive education. We service individuals who are interested in career advancement certificates - we train the Fortune 1000."

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Chris Patterson :

"Performance incentives focus education dollars on effective teaching and student learning."

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Chris Murray :

"There are contributions of consequence that are occurring across the world. I don't think we (the U.S.) are in a position at our current levels of investment in education to control or even have a strong influence on how innovation develops."

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Chris Miles :

"You want to push education and keep kids in class in the afternoons so they can make their test scores, and when you have lights it gives you that flexibility. That's the main thing. It assists us as well as the teams that are coming to play us."

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Chris McGoey :

"It's all about education and just trying to make some social changes so that we don't create these monsters."

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Chris Leonard :

"It's confusing when things are said that are not completely accurate. Education is so important."

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Chris King :

"Now, I think about getting an education, getting a job and going to work,"

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