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Christopher Bond :

"Misdirected focus on paperwork, on procedures, and on bureaucracy frustrates teachers and fails to give children the education they need."

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Christopher Andreae :

"Ignorance is a right! Education is eroding one of the few democratic freedoms remaining to us."

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Christopher Anderson :

"Gov. Romney's education reform plan addresses the single biggest challenge for our state's economy, which is supplying the pipeline of skilled workers that technology employers need for sustained future growth."

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Christopher Andersen :

"I was one of those kids who did a lot of homework, and my favorite thing was reading, ... Both my parents really valued public education."

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Christine Thomas :

"We get most of our funding from the Department of Natural Resources. And when any natural resources agency experiences tight budgets, the first thing to go is an educational program."

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Christine Tanner :

"You may be the perfect candidate for a job because your previous job was nearly identical to it, but you will be bored in three months because you're not being challenged. Also, look for an employer that invests in its employees by providing access to training and continuing education."

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Christine Robinson :

"We support local efforts for women to become strong. We think education is one of the main ways to begin that work, and working in the community is part of that."

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Christine Johnston :

"I was trying to think of some kind of educational project so that they'd get more out of their time here, ... When the children learned that the older wild horses that are considered unadoptable could be sold for slaughter, a couple of kids asked, 'How can we stop this?,' and it went on from there. It's sort of an introduction to how they can make a difference, even if they're little. It's great for the kids to learn they can."

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Christine Gregoire :

"We have lots of studies about what's wrong with our education system. We need to accept responsibility, be bold, find solutions and move forward to make education a centerpiece of our economic development."

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Christine Gregoire :

"Education is the foundation upon which we build our future."

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