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Chuck Morton :

"They [Fairview Baptist Church] have leased it to us. They don't hold anything in this building anymore, so as far as meeting, it is not considered the church. They've moved completely into their new building. We occupy the whole thing pretty much. Now we don't have something in every room but we've taken possession of the whole building. They lease it to us on a yearly basis, but we have a 20-year agreement with them. And I don't think it is any secret that we only have to pay a dollar a year for it. So it's really cost effective for us. It helps keep the cost of education down."

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Chuck Knox :

"He's a wonderful, wonderful guy, ... And he made me realize what a college education would mean to me."

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Chuck Jackson :

"If we think for one minute that this is for educational purposes, we're kidding ourselves. I can't help but think that this is just a foot in the door to circumvent the veto."

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Chuck Hurley :

"Unfortunately, there have been hundreds of millions of dollars spent on programs proven not to work. They tend to be ineffective because they are educational and not tied to enforcement. We recommend that no further funds be spent in areas proven not to work."

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Chuck Hurley :

"Clearly the message has gotten through to most parents that children 12 and under should always ride correctly buckled in the back seat. It's the combination of education, stronger seat belt and child passenger safety laws, and high-visibility enforcement that has produced the behavior change we see today."

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Chuck Heeman :

"One of the big pushes we have in Arizona is youth education. We really push making smart decisions and safeguarding yourself and all your friends."

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Chuck Hadden :

"In order to have a skilled workforce to draw on now and in the future, Michigan's education system needs to improve at all levels. Passage of legislation this year to mandate stronger high school graduation standards is important to manufacturers, as is raising the cap on charter public schools to provide families more quality choices."

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Chu Maoming :

"China and the United States have very good cooperation in the field of education. Any kind of reform regarding visa applications which is beneficial to further cooperation between China and the United States is welcome."

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Christy Fusco :

"The students take a tour of the library; there's a children's computer lab where youngsters can play educational games, too."

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Christopher Rodrigues :

"The concern over data security is broader than electronic payments. But at Visa, we know that maintaining cardholder confidence is crucial to the success of the Visa system, and that's why we are committed to doing our part to contribute to a global solution. Through constant innovation, investment and education, Visa is committed to working with member banks, technology partners, merchants and consumers to support and enhance the security of cardholder data. But we are only one part of the solution."

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