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Curtis Shaw :

"There's a lot of electricity in the gym all the time. The crowd is juiced."

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Curt Miller :

"How about the crowd? That is unbelievable and a big part of tonight's story. The student body really came out and supported us in a big game tonight."

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Craig Littlepage :

"The rule is in there for a purpose and that's to avoid inciting the crowd. I don't know if it was done purposely or if it was just somebody who was not aware of the rules or did not apply them properly."

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Craig Leipold :

"I'm looking forward to seeing a lot less red in the crowd the next few nights. I think now that people know when the first playoff game is going to be played, you'll see us sell that out pretty quick."

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Courtney Price :

"It felt like a playoff game -- the crowd was intense. Although the crowd was loud and everything, that made us come together as a team. We hit our free throws and kept our composure, and I'm happy about that."

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Countee Cullen :

"The play is done, the crowds depart; and see / That twisted tortured thing hung from a tree, / Swart victim of a newer Calvary."

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Cory Cooperman :

"And how about John Stout? He's been wrestling well in the practice room. He had the crowd behind him today. He kept wrestling, he wrestled tough, and it was great."

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Corey Potter :

"The crowd's getting into it. I've seen the wave a few times which is pretty interesting. When the crowd's into it, we're into it."

Corey Koskie :

"I've never seen anything like that before. Usually when home teams break up no-hit bids, the crowd cheers the hit and cheers the pitcher. I've never seen them boo before."

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Connie Adams :

"A cold case will be brought back to full light. It'll be tough to prosecute but the Crown will succeed by March 12. It involves someone found in a forest, and it feels like the person is coming up on more than one charge. There's going to be lots of public controversy around this case."

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