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Claude LeRoy :

"Football is a school of humility and behavior. I am not proud of our second red card in two games. I am not happy with the way some of my players are behaving ... I feel a bit ashamed."

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Clint Hurdle :

"He is confident, but he has a lot of humility to go with the confidence."

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Erin Kramer :

"Based on our analysis, we think the problem could be solved by operating more efficiently. If Forum operated as efficiently in billing and collecting what it is owed as does Humility of Mary Health Partners, its major competitor, it would generate an additional $50 million a year in revenue."

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Edith Hamilton :

"There are few efforts more conducive to humility than that of the translator trying to communicate an incommunicable beauty. Yet, unless we do try, something unique and never surpassed will cease to exist except in the libraries of a few inquisitive book lovers."

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Ernie Accorsi :

"He's a perfect example of what we've let slip away in the image of a coach - the job is a teaching job, ... Bill certainly has a great deal of self-confidence, but he's got the humility to know that he can always learn from somebody that's successful. To me, the smarter you are, the more you want to learn."

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Bryant H. McGill :

"Join me in my quest for a greater understanding of our existence. Join me in my desire for a greater self. Join me as I seek the humility to love and understand my fellow man."

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David Hulme :

"It's with a great sense of gratitude, humility and excitement that you accept a position like this. I'm really appreciative of their trust and confidence."

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Bruce Wolfe :

"I think he had all of the sincerity and the honesty, clarity and humility to bring about everything that he did."

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Bruce Barton :

"[The] Great suffer hours of depression through introspection and self-doubt. That is why they are great. That is why you will find modesty and humility the characteristics of such men."

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David Bennett :

"It's humility and hunger. Our guys were humbled last season, and it's only made them hungrier to turn it around this season."

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