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Cindy Hockenberry :

"Because of the way this form used to work, it calculated the tax as if you had received the money over a five-year period. You would divide it into five equal parts and pay taxes on each of those parts which significantly reduced your tax bill."

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Cindy Frailing :

"If you are using a professional to have your taxes prepared and something comes up in the interviewing process, you'll need time to go back and find that information. Inevitably you forget something. Maybe you brought the wrong property tax bill, or didn't get tuition for your children's education all gathered today."

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Cindy Ehnes :

"They lose up to $1,500 on a scam that leaves them nothing but unpaid medical bills."

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Cindy Davidsmeyer :

"The Senate president supports the bill. I think it's going to go."

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Chuck Phillips :

"Billing is a logical and complementary addition."

Chuck Phillips :

"Our downgrade is based on the company's preannouncement for contract revenue of $1.25 bilion-$1.3 billion. Our estimate was $1.65 billion."

Chuck Neinas :

"They say, `How did Bill Snyder do it at Kansas State?'"

Chuck Neinas :

"The construction project Bill did at Kansas State is unsurpassed in my memory in terms of developing a program."

Chuck McDevitt :

"The vet bills could be huge."

Chuck Lesher :

"I picked it up and inside were some dollar bills. I was elated for a moment until someone yelled: 'April Fool's' and claimed the wallet."

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