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Cliff Holdread :

"We've been kicking the idea around for 10 years. Finally my buddy, Bill Brown, he lives in Detroit, got it started."

Cliff Finch :

"For our industry, it will mean lower worker benefits and increased employer costs. The bill increases weekly (unemployment) benefits for higher-paid construction workers at the expense of UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) grocery workers."

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Cliff Edwards :

"Every July, 400 of the most powerful media and tech industry chieftains meet at investment banker Herb Allen's conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, for what are usually convivial discussions of megatrends and megamergers. But this year, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates III laid into Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer, according to two sources, including one who witnessed the exchange in a private room,"

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Cliff Bronstad :

"When you get a bill that is more than twice what it usually is then you have to figure something is wrong, and you should do something about it. The other months are only a problem if you don't catch it."

Clay Shaw :

"The American people believe that there is something out there . . . with their name on it, ... There is not now -- but there will be if we pass this bill."

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Clay Richards :

"His polls have definitely weakened because, one, he had signed the legislative pay-raise bill last year, which was highly unpopular; and, two, he failed to deliver on his promise to lower property taxes."

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Claudio Fava :

"Somebody paid the bill. But this is my question: Who paid?"

Claudio Fava :

"So we have an additional question. Who paid the bill?"

Claudia Tremaine :

"When someone only has $200 to their name and has to pay their electric bill soon, why make them pay for basic necessities?"

Claudia Reid :

"We all eat. We are all part of the world. A lot of this is about the practice of democracy. It goes way beyond the farm bill."

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