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Codee Franco :

"We haven't seen a bill."

Coach Kermit Blount :

"Willie Jeffries told me that, and Bill Hayes told me that as well. If you worry what others say about you, then you won't last long in the coaching profession."

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Clyde Metcalf :

"He's everything he's billed to be. I hope he's as good as we see all season."

Clyde Metcalf :

"Bill was someone who had been around the program and knew how things were done in the tennis program under Kirk. He wants to continue it among the same lines, which is what we were really looking for in a coach."

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Clifford Odets :

"Life shouldn't be printed on dollar bills."

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Cliff Tucker :

"We all use so many communications services, and the monthly bills can be significant. I found a way to zero-out all my bills completely."

Cliff Stearns :

"There's a subtle undertow here about buy America, ... This bill has picked up a little bit of steam because of that."

Cliff Stearns :

"That we can agree on the penalties is very important, ... It's good news for trying to pass a steroid bill."

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Cliff Stearns :

"I think to be prudent, less than $1 billion is more appropriate,"

Cliff Slater :

"You do not build a rail system and it is there forever. It has to be replaced or rehabilitated every 25 to 30 years at a cost of billions."

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