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Craig Cohoon :

"They got lost in the $212 million-Bill Krause story."

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Craig Bellamy :

"When it first happened it looked like Bowen got hold of Billy first,"

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Courtney Sims :

"I got a whole bunch of money, about $300. I've got to pay bills."

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Count Basie :

"Contrary to several conflicting stories, I got the name "Count" right in Kansas City in 1936 while at the Reno Club. I was known as Bill Basie at that time. One night, while we were broadcasting, the announcer called me to the microphone for those usual few words of introduction. He commented that Bill Basie was a rather ordinary name, and further that there were a couple of well-known bandleaders named Earl Hines and Duke Ellington. Then he said, `Bill, I think I'll call you Count Basie from now on. Is that all right with you?' I thought he was kidding, shrugged my shoulders and replied, `OK.'"

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Councilman Dave Kucherer :

"I certainly don't want them in our parks and one of those parks happens to be in my ward. Let's face it, who wants billboards in our parks? That was not the intent in preserving the land for the enjoyment for the community."

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Conrad Smith :

"You're going to see the tech sector grow in high yield. Anyone (tech company) whose market cap is under $20 billion could be an LBO candidate."

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Conrad Black :

"There was a colossal bankruptcy, 50,000 people lost their jobs, tens of billions of dollars were lost and there was a $4 billion accounting fraud. Keep a little perspective, guys,"

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Connie Holmes :

"By the stroke of a pen, President Clinton is rejecting the clear advice of the U.S. Senate and research by his own Energy Department showing conclusively that the treaty would cost American families billions of dollars and millions of jobs."

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Commissioner Daniel Stermer :

"They do more than pay our bills. They are providing a valuable service."

Colleen Wetherbee :

"We went out really fast. When I saw the split I figured nobody would be there (with me). Assistant coach (Bill) Jennings was yelling how far ahead I was. Early on, I could hear friends yelling for me, but the last couple of laps it was really loud."

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