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Craig Noble :

"The speaker said this bill was his top legislative priority this year. The governor has said he wants to reduce emissions. That means we have a very good chance of getting a first law in the nation to set statewide limits on emissions."

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Craig Newmark :

"I remember and know the Bill of Rights. But my instincts tell me to be helpful, and (that attitude) is surprising to a lot of cops who deal with Internet crimes."

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Craig McDonald :

"No, the law is very clear in Texas on how you can use corporate funds: paying your rent, paying your telephone bills, paying your accountant, ... Very, very specific limited administrative expenses."

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Craig McDonald :

"What distinguishes Gov. Perry from Strayhorn is that he delivers for his big campaign donors on an unlimited range of issues, not just their tax bills."

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Craig Kornblau :

"If the music business grew by a billion dollars, if the paperback book business grew by a billion dollars, if the box office grew by a billion dollars -- that would make headlines in every newspaper in the country."

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Craig Kornblau :

"We have a $24 billion business that consumers absolutely love. And yet, there is very little content made only for this business."

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Craig Knutson :

"People may say, 'My phone bill or cable bill is higher,' but they're getting a lot more than just basic service."

Craig Kilborn :

"Did you see the statue topple? Bill Clinton got nostalgic seeing something that big in a beret go down."

Craig Hutson :

"Although the business had been declining, the price seems low for a sales base of $1.2 billion."

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Craig Dollansky :

"Billings was looking real good for us. We were going to pick up a win and ended up cutting a tire while leading the race with a couple of laps to go. It just kind of set the tone for our whole trip out here. We struggled at Elma and coming here tonight, getting a top three is good, but really we were looking for more than that."

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