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Chuck Smith :

"Mike King knew Peg Collier, whatever she sent in, would get beaten down. Mike King knew there was going to be kicking, fighting and screaming before (the bill) got to the entity authorized to pay."

Chuck Schumer :

"I appreciate attempts by Secretary (Bill) Richardson to cajole OPEC into increasing production, but it hasn't worked and it's time for the United States to play a little hardball,"

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Chuck Schumer :

"Truth be told, though our economy operates in the Information Age, our power grid functions more like something from the Stone Age, ... We must act to change this now in the energy bill that is before the Congress."

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Chuck Reed :

"There's billions of dollars on the table in Coyote Valley."

Chuck Hagel :

"There needs to be a lot of questions asked -- where is that $87 billion going? How much more do you have to go in for? ... We didn't ask those questions in the spring when we passed the $70 billion supplemental. America needs to have those questions asked, and we deserve to know."

Chuck Hagel :

"Every ground squirrel in this country knows that it's going to be $50 billion to $75 billion in additional money required to sustain us in Iraq for this year,"

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Chuck Hagel :

"important that we get this bill done."

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Chuck Hagel :

"I suspect that we go to the floor as it is, and those who disagree with the bill, specifically the Democrats who voted against it in committee, would have an opportunity to introduce amendments,"

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Chuck Hagel :

"I don't know how many more casualties we're going to take. We're spending a billion dollars a week now (in Iraq),"

Chuck Hagel :

"The casualties we're taking, the billion dollars a week we're putting in there, the kind of commitment we've got, we're not going to be able to sustain it, ... Public opinion won't allow it."

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