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Conan O'Brien :

"Presidential campaign getting kind of ugly, did you hear about this? Yesterday, a 27- year-old woman came forward to deny rumors that she had an affair with Democratic front- runner John Kerry. The woman added, "I would never cheat on Bill Clinton."

Colin Powell :

"I see great leaders everywhere I look today. Bill Gates; Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Political leadership is a lot more difficult today . . . with no strong consensus on what should be done. But there are always leaders in America and in every generation of Americans."

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Colin Powell :

"We have almost 35 million, and one, Americans of African descent, ... Last year, total U.S.-African trade approached $30 billion and America is Africa's largest single market. The United States is the leading foreign investor in Africa."

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Clint Eastwood :

"[During last week's AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am there was as much talk about who didn't show up as who did. Favorite son Bill Murray was in Italy filming a movie, while Tiger Woods had cited the tournament's] bumpy ... We have great players here this week, so we're not going to worry about one or two guys having a bug up their ass."

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Cliff Floyd :

"This is no pressure on Billy. A lot of it can be put on his shoulders. This can't be any different than Philly [where Wagner pitched in 2004 and 2005]. This is the same way as Philly. I hope he settles down and has some fun."

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Cliff Floyd :

"Billy ain't going to be the savior here. He's going to do a great job for us. He's going to give up some like any other closer in the game. We're going to live with that just like we're going to live with all those games he saves. It ain't ruining my confidence out there."

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Claude Mandil :

"We have 4 billion barrels in strategic stocks."

Claire Buchan :

"Well, he's said at least $550 billion, ... So, as I said, there are a number of ways to work with Congress to try to accomplish this, and we're in the process of doing that right now."

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Cindy Sheehan :

"[A]bout Bill Clinton, you know, I really think he should have been impeached, but not for [having an affair with an intern and lying about it]. His policies are responsible for killing more Iraqis than George Bush. I don't understand why to rise to the level of being president of my country one has to be a monster. I used to say that George Bush was defiling the Oval Office, but it's been held by a long line of monsters."

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Cindy Hockenberry :

"Tax laws are constantly changing. There have been six major tax bills passed in the last two years alone. Average taxpayers are not likely to be aware of all the changes that may affect their tax return. A tax professional stays abreast of these changes, and, as a result, is in a better position to assist taxpayers with filing accurate returns and claiming all the deductions and credits to which they are entitled."

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