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Craig McDonald :

"Overall, I think the voters spoke pretty loudly that they like the independence of their own hand-picked candidates over a billionaire from San Antonio."

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Craig Littlepage :

"(CBS analyst Billy Packer) may have an opinion about that or the two of them may have an opinion about that, and they are certainly free to have those opinions and express those opinions. But to look at this in terms of the partnership, you would hope there would be a little better understanding of what it is that we do and an accurate reflection of the facts as they know them to be. Facts, instead of opinions, would be helpful."

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Craig Kilborn :

"New rumors that Saddam Hussein is planning to flee to a castle in Libya with 10 billion dollars. Now President Bush doesn't know whether to nuke him or give him a tax cut."

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Craig Johnson :

"These are very strong numbers that point to a company operating on all cylinders. I don't care what kind of business you are. When you have annual sales of $43 billion, and you're growing you're top line at this rate, you're doing an exceptional job."

Craig Fuller :

"Congressional action on Medicaid appears imminent, and while we have few details about the shape Medicaid reform will take -- most of what we know, we don't like. We appreciate that policy makers have worked diligently to find appropriate ways to reform Medicaid; however, we fear that billions of dollars in cuts are being targeted at the Medicaid benefits that support our nation's most vulnerable citizens. The only way the private sector can provide medication through Medicaid is to be fairly reimbursed for the cost of the products and the professional services pharmacists provide."

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Craig Biggio :

"That's the first time I've ever faced Billy. He threw me a fastball in, then inside again. The last pitch was 99 mph, so I could have popped it up."

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Courtney Cassard :

"There were also print ads in the Times Picayune, the Advocate and some other local newspapers. The next part of the campaign is that we're going to get some billboards up in some strategic areas."

Cory Lidle :

"When I was in Oakland, knowing that Billy had played the game meant a lot."

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Conan O'Brien :

"Vanity Fair magazine reports that former President Clinton and Al Gore haven't spoken to each other since George W. Bush's inauguration. Not only that, Bill and his wife, Hillary, haven't spoken since Richard Nixon's inauguration."

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Conan O'Brien :

"Scientist announced a device that can be placed in a pacemaker and will call your doctor whenever you are having heart trouble. When told about it, Dick Cheney said, "I can't afford those kind of phone bills.""

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