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Chris Mwebesa :

"The total amount of Sh82.369 billion indicates increased absorption capacity of our market."

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Chris McKay :

"So, I got stuck reading for them and paying the bill."

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Chris Mappin :

"The store has been able to pay its own bills since the first month."

Chris Lynch :

"We expect total expenditure to increase to around $6 billion (in 2006). This will include around $4 billion spent on growth projects and $550 million on exploration."

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Chris Liddell :

"We had sales of over NZ$1 billion for the last quarter -- the result of developing new businesses, markets, products & services. Our exports continue to grow with New Zealand export sales for the first half up over 19 percent on the same period last year"

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Chris Larsen :

"We believe groups are at the heart of fostering a culture of responsible borrowers. While some people might be apathetic about paying their credit card bills, they're likely to be far more conscientious about their payment habits when their group's reputation is on the line. For instance, a member of a university alumni group won't want to shame their alma mater and fellow alums by giving them a mediocre group reputation."

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Chris Kozak :

"We've seen a mild January and February, not only in Toledo but across the nation, and that's what affects our bills."

Chris Hunt :

"We've been working on this for months, but this is the first step for consumers. They are merging into our network and into our rate plans. The next step will be changes in billing and in the name of the company. That won't happen until sometime next year."

Craig Moffett :

"All the research says customers love bundles to the tune of a 20 percent discount, and if you don't give them that, they won't take them. If there aren't cost savings, it's just another product on a bill."

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Craig Miller :

"It gives them all the detailed information - tax bills, improvements made, square footage, number of bathrooms - all the things you need to search for comparable assessments. The state is promoting putting this out in the public to do what the assessors are supposed to do: provide fair and equitable assessments."

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