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Chris Schott :

"Trading at 12 times 2005 earnings, shares are reflecting a seemingly bearish view of Pfizer's growth prospects, in our opinion. With these low expectations built into the shares, we are encouraged that Pfizer's $4 billion cost restructuring will stabilize near-term earnings."

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Chris Rose :

"We're pleased that Sen. Fitz-Gerald has recognized that her bill has some serious effects and probably wouldn't pass the state Senate."

Chris Riley :

"This bill contains various options that were suggested by the National Governors Association to give states more flexibility (in how they spend their Medicaid dollars)."

Chris Riley :

"He'll talk about legislation he's drafted that recognizes $10 billion in Medicaid savings in the budget reconciliation bill that will come up in October."

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Chris Rigby :

"We have some unique [storage] requirements. Our archive has five to six billion files in it."

Chris Paulitz :

"She expressed her concerns to Senator Bond that this should not be taking place on an appropriations bill."

Chris Ouellette :

"This type of thing has happened before, but not consistently and not as often as people think. We have had people intentionally switch numbers in order to avoid getting billed, but errors are rare."

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Chris Olin :

"They've got $3.6 billion in pension and healthcare liabilities. The deal would make sense from a strategic point of view, but there are a lot of issues that would need to be addressed. It would attract pretty thorough scrutiny from the government."

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Chris O'Malley :

"Our schools spend about half of what is spent per pupil in New York City public high schools, [and] with dramatically better results. The problem is not the amount of money being spent. Spending in New York City has increased several billion over the last five years alone; the problem is how the money is spent."

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Chris O'Malley :

"For years the urban poor, mainly minorities, have been the victims of a failed school system. Pumping billions of dollars into that same system has not and will not fix the problem. What will is giving those parents real choice, the opportunity to send their child to a school that will actually educate their child."

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