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Christian Ramirez :

"The ... bill is quite troubling."

Chris Weafer :

"When they make that adjustment, it should lead to one-off demand of around $8 billion from [large mutual] funds. That's one of the drivers of the share price."

Chris Weafer :

"A safe number is probably double that (72 billion barrel) figure. But it's not impossible it's three times as high."

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Chris Warner :

"PG&E has been paying out tremendous amounts of dollars for power costs to out of state generators and we have undercollected over seven -- nearly seven -- billion dollars compared to what our ratepayers are paying. And for our financial survival, we need simply to be able to finance the costs of that power,"

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Chris Towne :

"I have always felt that the occupation of Palestine is an American issue, because we give Israel something like $6 billion a year from our tax money."

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Chris Taylor :

"I can't get down (emotionally). I still have bills to pay and will try to go with the flow. Hopefully, I have enough talent to get another job around here ... I hope they can privatize Lone Star to keep it open and supply jobs."

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Chris Stanley :

"December was a cold month and customers are gonna start receiving those bills now and it's gonna reflect those cold temperatures."

Chris Spencer :

"Bill McLay did some great work for Wizzard while he was here. Everyone at Wizzard appreciates his loyalty and commitment to his family, ... Bill has made it clear that he is available to us in the future for various consulting jobs which we may require as we make acquisitions and deal with ongoing compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley regulations. In the meantime, Wizzard is in talks with other candidates for the job and we wish Bill and his family all the best."

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Chris Sgro :

"I introduced the bill because the issue of removing recruiters from campus became more pressing over the summer [of 2005]."

Chris Schwartz :

"People thought the war was over in May of 2003 when President Bush landed on the cruiser under the banner that said mission accomplished. Here we are billions of dollars and thousands of lives later and it's still going on."

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