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Christopher Carroll :

"But they wanted to get right back out there and do what they could to win it for Bill."

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Christopher Cagan :

"Our nation is a $10 trillion-per-year economy currently possessing $19 trillion in household asset value and $11 trillion in homeowners' equity. Losses of $110 billion - spread over several years - would come to only about one percent of the total national homeowners' equity."

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Christopher Bond :

"More time on paperwork means less time spent with students or preparing lessons for students. It is as simple as that. The numerous reforms in the bill will go a long way to free our time of special educators."

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Christoph Zockler :

"Bangladesh is highly significant as a wintering area for the spoon-billed sandpipers. But we are very concerned that the last suitable habitat for them will be destroyed over the next few years."

Christoph Thies :

"We need at least $25 billion a year. It seems like a lot but every dollar invested in protecting nature signifies and savings of $100 in environmental services - like supplying water and renovation of the air supply."

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Christine Cronk :

"The country is forced to devote more than $450 billion each year to health care costs and other expenses because of the high burden exacted children's diseases and disabilities. The National Children's Study would pay for its total cost many times over with the expected reductions it could make on this heavy societal burden."

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Christine Brennan :

"Paula Creamer is Title IX exploding on the golf course. This law told girls it was okay to play sports, to be tough, to play like the boys and still look like a girl. If Billie Jean King had had a master plan of what women's sports would look like in 2006, it would be Paula: Play all these sports, love them all and then pick one that, by the way, can make you a millionaire a few months after graduating from high school."

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Christina Coloroso :

"If your parents committed incest and that's why you were pregnant, you still have to notify them even if they don't consent to it. There is a big potential that (the bill) risks the lives of a lot of minor women."

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Christina Angarola :

"This is just during the two week spring recess...[when Congress resumes] he's going to push for the bill and hope that the bill will come up for a vote, and then he'll be working toward that."

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Christian Stracke :

"Because the economy is so strong, import growth is also very strong, and that import growth is eroding trade surpluses. Surpluses of more than a billion a month might be over."

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