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Christy Dennis :

"Customers should really heed the warning that we're not out of the woods yet. We could still have a cold February and that could certainly make the market volatile again, so customers should not get complacent. The more customers continue to reduce usage, the more they'll see lower bills and also help the situation."

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Christopher Wenz :

"Smoke was billowing. In those moments you don't really look what's on the counter."

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Christopher Sullivan :

"I remember telling him if you're going to move funds around you better see if it was done in the past to see if (former treasurer Ron Graves) had done it, ... But it's just not something I would do for Ron or Bill, to authorize the use of funds."

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Christopher Reynolds :

"If a car was as fuel-efficient as these black holes, it could theoretically travel over a billion miles on a gallon of gas."

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Christopher Parker :

"Procrastination is like a credit card: it's a lot of fun until you get the bill."

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Christopher Opalinski :

"The power company shut off the electricity to the mine because the company was in arrears in paying its power bill."

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Christopher Nolan :

"Somehow he just really fit the bill and had that fire in his eyes that made you believe this guy could make himself fit into a superhero role,"

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Christopher Kelly :

"One way or another, we will have to pay the growing care bill: if we avoid raising more public resources the burden will fall on hard-pressed families."

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Christopher Flavin :

"Rising demand for energy, food and raw materials by 2.5 billion Chinese and Indians is already having ripple effects worldwide."

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Christopher Davis :

"[In addition, some money managers have come to believe that options have not lived up to their billing. The idea was that options would align top executives' interests with those of the shareholders. But they also give executives incentive to use questionable techniques to lift the stock -- often a short-term boost so they can cash out.] The trouble with options, ... is that they allow management to get rich even if shareholders do lousy."

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