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Cindy Hockenberry :

"I'd be willing to bet this is going to be the No. 1 line on the whole 1040 that gets messed up. There are a lot of partnerships and pass-through entities that qualify ... there are more people affected by this line than you might think."

Brian Lawson :

"Maybe I'll put a sign up that says, 'Get your 1040 books here."

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Cathy Erickson :

"This is a big deal for hundreds of people. We'll have a good crowd at the Machine Shed, and thousands tuning their radios to 1040 AM for all the details."

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Bill Garrison :

"All of their 1040 information was in the hands of these crooks."

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Willie Nelson :

"This is the start of tax season, with people receiving 1040s in mail"

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