quotes of Wen Jiabao; 120 quotes

"The high-level exchange between the two countries promoted political mutual-trust,"

"the best development period in history."

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"The government at all levels must make efforts to achieve victory over bird flu,"

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"definitely bring bird flu under control."

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"China and other members should join efforts to combat serious infectious disease, such as bird flu. To enhance the cooperation on the prevention of bird flu is an important target of the organization, which includes Russia, China and four Central Asian states"

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"The goals set by the organization will surely be realized as long as member states work together and endeavor to implement (agreements),"

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"China attaches importance to relations with Equatorial Guinea, "

"We must base ourselves upon expanding domestic demand, a long-term strategic policy that we must stick to,"

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"China has conducted technological exchanges and cooperation with the international community on prevention and control of bird flu."

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"entirely for peaceful purposes."