quotes of Cynthia Zea; 15 quotes

"We start district Tuesday. The games we missed out on are games you just won't get to prepare."

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"She did a great job. She stayed ahead of hitters and took care of business."

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"There are still a couple of spots people are battling for. It's still very, very early. It's a matter of getting experience."

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"We worked hard on defense this week. We got another good pitching outing. Stevie pitched well and hit her spots."

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"We definitely cleaned up our fielding."

"She'll be missed. I think she left a legacy for Plano pitchers to locate pitches and help the defense. I think Lauren learned that from her."

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"It will give us a chance to look at all three of our pitchers. It will be very good for us."

"With the way they set up the tournament, we don't really play to win and advance but for experience in game situations. It's more of a working tournament for us."

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"I think we can go with any three of those pitchers any day."

"What they showed me today was a great job of having discipline at the plate. They weren't swinging at pitches out of the zone."

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